CARC Hosted Teachers and Students Forum on China Studies Arab Program


On the afternoon of December 6, 2019, CARC hosted a Teachers and Students forum on China Studies Arab Program at SISU Hongkou Campus. Wu Xinbo, director of the China Studies Institute; Wang Guangda, executive director of CARC, the China Studies teaching secretary, and master and doctoral candidates of the program attended the seminar.


Director Wu Xinbo first mentioned that the China Studies Arab Program is beneficial to the improvement of mutual understanding and friendly cooperation between China and Arab countries, which is highly valued by the government and the university. Relevant departments such as CARC and China Studies Institute have been making efforts to improve the discipline construction, and it is open to students' opinions and suggestions through this forum.


Director Wang Guangda pointed out that in the past, China Studies meant it was conducted by foreigners, but now it is returning to China studies in China. Since studying China Studies in China, we must stand in China's position, thoroughly understand China's policies and systems, and comprehensively feel the changes and development of contemporary China, speak for China. In addition, he also emphasized the necessity to attach great importance to the thesis. Except for attaching importance to the combination of classroom learning and self-study, we should also read materials extensively, make a good selection of topics, and enhance the innovation of the thesis.


During the forum, international students discussed their personal learning and living conditions. They believed that the China Studies Arab Program of CARC provided opportunities for Arab students to learn more about China, to understand the connotation of China Studies from multiple perspectives, and it is hoped that this project will be widely known to more people and cultivate more high-quality talents who understand China. In addition, opinions were also put forward on the construction of China Studies, including providing more students with internship opportunities, adding courses in China-Arab interaction, and developing other city internship programs.


Director Wu Xinbo and Director Wang Guangda made in-depth discussion with students, and stated that in the future, the China Studies Arab Program will strengthen publicity efforts and attract more international students from Arab countries. The research center will continue to build a platform to provide exchange opportunities and share employment resources. At the same time, students are encouraged to participate in the international academic conferences, make friends, exchange more, think hard, and appreciate the charm of China Studies from all aspects of professional research and daily life.