“Attempting Discussion of Academic Thoughts: Zhu Weilie's Selected Works”, Professor Zhu Weilie, Director of the Central Expert Committee


     Publishing information:

     Title: “Attempting Discussion of Academic Thoughts: Zhu Weilie's Selected Works 

     Author: Zhu Weilie

     Publisher: World Knowledge Publishing House

     Publication date: August 1, 2017

     Number of pages: 332 pages

     ISBN: 9787501255696

      Executive summary:

    The author of “Attempting Discussion of Academic Thoughts: Zhu Weilie's Selected Works has been engaged in teaching and research on Arabic language culture, issues on Middle East and Islam for more than fifty years. He has published dozens of academic achievements such as monographs translations, and enjoys a high prestige in the Arabic language circle. He was awarded the title of “Senior Translator” by the Chinese Translation Association, and was commended by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Culture, also gained many other honors like the “Gulf Cooperation Committee Award” and the “Saudi Abdullah King World Translation Award”.The author has selected more than 30 articles from the articles published over the years as  “Attempting Discussion of Academic Thoughts: Zhu Weilie's Selected Works”, which is divided into two parts: discipline construction and research discussion.

It mainly includes the following items:

Written in Front: My Little Academic Pursuit

Part One : Discipline Construction

Excellence in Both Professional Skills and Moral Integrity, a Model Teacher for Generations

As Nature's Movement is Ever Vigorous , So Must a Gentleman Ceaselessly Strive Along : Impression of Professor Nazhong

Achievements of the Oriental Academy in the Teaching of Chinese as a Foreign Language

Preface to the “ Basic Course of Arabic Cultural Background Knowledge”

Mr. Ma Jinpeng: A Muslim Scholar Who Serves as a Link between Past and Future

Han-Hui Scholars Build together China's Arabic Studies in harmony

Congratulations on the Birth of Extended Set of the “Chinese Version ( the Koran ) History”

—Preface (the Koran) in China

Model Teacher for Generations, Everlasting Charm

— On the 90th Anniversary of Mr. Liu Linrui’s Birthday

Cherishing the Memory of Elder Generation in Arabic Teaching Who Promoted the Construction of the Arabic Language Discipline

Verdant Trees and Gurgling Springs Herald a Vibrant Season

— Review of Arabic Language Construction for 30 years

Running into Difficulties, Grinding Mortar into Needle

Create Traditions and Highlight Features

— Discussion of Arabic Language Major in New China, 60 years’ development  

Adhere to the Path of Connotative Development of the Subject

Valuable Historical Memory

Me and Translation

Ten Years to Cast a Sword, No Regrets in Pitching

— Congratulations to Professor Li Zhenzhong’s translation of “ Introduction to History ”

Part Two : Research Discussion

After Watching the “Battle of the Kramers ”

Brief Introduction to the Generation of Comparative Literature

Stones from Other Hills May Serve to Polish Jade 

— Foreword

View Mr. Ji Xianlin’s Academic Thoughts in a Cultural Strategy Perspective

Introduction to International Cultural Strategy Research”

General Preface to Society and Culture in Contemporary Middle Eastern Countries”

Reflexions on the US-Iraq War and Chinese Energy Strategy

Islamic World at the Crossroads

Civilization Dialogue and Great Middle East Reform

Preface to Opinion and Dissent - The Rise of Al Jazeera Network”

Not Only a Festschrift, But Also a Historical Document

Islamic Civilization and the World

A Distinctive and Influential Platform for Academic Exchanges

Views on Strengthening Scientific Research Work in Foreign Languages Universities

Understanding and Respect: Reflections on Constructing China's Discourse System in Middle East Studies

Preface to “Politics and Society in the Middle East”

The Mechanism and Experience of China's Hot Diplomacy

— from the Perspective of Multilateral Diplomatic Mechanism

Thoughts on the Diplomatic Strategy of Keep a Low Profile and Make a Difference”

Preface to “Islamic Radical Organization”

Perspectives on the Strategic Relationship between China and the Islamic Countries in the Middle East

Grasp the Opportunity, Choose the Path, and Realize a New Soar in Ningxia

Grasp the Current Opportunity to Strengthen the Building Capacity of Opening up

Many a Little Make a Mickle

— Congratulations to Ambassador Wu Sike’s Collected Works

Construction of Belt and Road Initiative Should Attach Importance to Building a Community of World Civilization Values

About the Author

Professor of Shanghai International Studies University, PhD supervisor, Director of the Expert Committee of the CARC, Honorary Director of the Middle East Institute, and Director of the Middle East Research Think Tank of Shanghai University. A part-time member of the Department of Comprehensive Studies of the Social Science Committee of the Ministry of Education, and an academician or honorary researcher of academic research institutions such as Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. He graduated from Peking University with a major in Arabic in 1965 and taught at SISU for more than 50 years. From 1978 to 1980, he studied at Cairo University sponsored by government. From 1980 to 2015, he was the editor-in-chief of the journal “Arab World (Research)”. Since 1991, he has received the special allowance. He has served as the head of the Arabic Department of SISU, the Dean of the Social Science Research Institute, and the Director of the Middle East Institute. He is mainly engaged in the teaching and research of Arabic language culture and Middle East and Islamic issues, and has completed a number of Shanghai projects and tasks proposed by national ministries, published dozens of academic achievements such as monographs and translations. He was awarded Shanghai Excellent Education Worker, Model Worker, and Senior Translator of China Translation Association, also commended by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Culture, granted the Saudi Abdullah King World Translation Award and many other honors at home and abroad.