【Summary of Article】Li Chengwen: Witness the Sino-Africa Brotherhood in Sudan


     On September 2, 2018, Ambassador Li Chengwen, director of the Expert Committee of the Center, published a paper in the Guangming Daily, “Witness the Sino-Africa Brotherhood in Sudan”. By recalling the experience in Sudan, he introduced the specific manifestations of Sino-Africa friendship. (The summary of the original text is as follows: )

     China and Africa have always been a community of destiny. The Friendship Hall in Sudan which was sponsored by China in the 1970s is still a landmark building along the Nile River and a witness to the friendly cooperation between the two countries after the establishment of diplomatic relations.

     Share the fate, aid in trouble. In the 1990s, Sudan discovered oil and urgently needed financial and technological support. After the American company’s withdraw when facing the difficulties, the Sudanese government turned to China, and the Sino-Africa friendly cooperation has entered a stage of upgrading. With the joint efforts of both sides, the Khartoum refinery has risen in the desert. In just ten years, Sudan has built a complete upstream and downstream petroleum industry system, including an annual production capacity of 21 million tons of oil and a refinery with a capacity of 5 million tons, has realized the transformation from oil importing countries to exporting countries. Under tough conditions, Chinese workers and Sudanese worked hard to start a business and changed the face of Sudan.

     Share the fate, vive the brotherhood. Since the 1970s, China has been sending medical teams to Sudan. In a small town called Abu Osher, the Chinese medical team became the most popular friend of the local people. Under the poor condition with simple facilities, Chinese doctors have created many miracles of life-saving, so that many people in remote areas and even neighboring countries have come here and asked Chinese doctors to treat them. In the past 55 years, more than 20,000 Chinese medical personnel have been engaged in this great career on the African continent, and every day they are writing similar touching stories.

      Share the fate, towards the future. “Teaching how to fish”, it is often used by African friends to describe the new features of China-Africa cooperation. Africa’s poverty and backwardness lie on the undeveloped agriculture, so the agricultural aid is fundamentally and strategically important. In the 21st century, expanding agricultural cooperation has become a new vital area of Sino-Africa friendship and cooperation, also an important way to help the Sudanese people get rid of poverty and improve their life quality. Under the help of Chinese government, a large number of agricultural technicians have been trained in Sudan, and new varieties such as cotton, wheat and sorghum have been cultivated. The living conditions of the peasants have been improved. They are witnesses and beneficiaries of China-Africa friendship and cooperation, and also the inheritors of China-Africa friendship. President Bashir has repeatedly said: Western countries will only ask us three things, human rights, good governance and transparency, but Chinese friends are really helping us with great sincerity.”

      Share the fate, help each other. The friendship between the Chinese and African people was formed in the struggle against imperialism and colonization, and it is constantly condensing and deepening on the road of common development. The Sudanese people will not forget that Chinese friends have always stood with them on the road of maintaining independence and entrepreneurial development. The Chinese people will not forget that the Sudanese people have always stood firmly on the side of China on issues concerning China's core interests. During the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Sudanese friends donated $250,000 to the people in the disaster area despite financial difficulties.

     Share the fate, friendship lasts forever. In recent years, with the assistance of Chinese Government, the living conditions of the Sudanese people have been improved in all aspects. Today, China and African countries are standing at the new historical development starting point, consolidating traditional friendship, broadening the cooperation is the common aspiration and interest of both sides, building a community of China and Africa, and making the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the revitalization of the African continent.

(Author:  Li Chengwen, the Department of Chinese former ambassador to Sudan)